Did you ever imagine a web server on a tablet PC? Just look here!

We are happy to tell that we are done to produce one of it just for you! And it’s fully usable server with LAMP which can be accessible from your Wi-Fi. It’s secured and fast for testing and development, and also for office solutions like extranet or CRM/ERP systems.

This server:

  • Secured and can be used for your projects
  • It’s physical and local server
  • There are Linux server solution pre-installed with LAMP
  • It’s secured
  • It’s accessible using your Wi-Fi connection

Impressed? Look the configuration:

  • Android Tablet with 1Gb Ram
  • ARM processor
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • 8 Gb storage
  • 7” display
  • Charger included

And cost of it as small as 60 USD!

Order today and enjoy!